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Whether she is a mother, a sister, an aunt, or a wife... after playing all the roles that life demands, the women we support may not have much left in her when life throws a curve ball at her. And that can be daunting.

Dress for Success NSW & ACT's Pockets of Power is your way of giving your loved ones an incredible gift that will warm their heart, AND empower a struggling woman into financial freedom. Because when a woman thrives, families thrive, and communities grow.

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- Endeavour, Motivate, Persevere, Optimism, Win, Enlighten, Resilience -

Symbolising the strength we find in our clients, each Pocket of Power together spells the word EMPOWER.
Celebrate your family and loved ones with a unique, ethical and empowering gift.

Be the change in someone's life - Maya's story

Family and domestic violence is the main reason women and children leave their homes in Australia^. One of those women was Maya*.

Maya’s journey with Dress for Success shows the extraordinary resilience of women facing the unimaginable. Thriving professionally but experiencing extreme violence at home from her husband, Maya made the courageous decision to escape with nothing but a backpack, her children, and the belief that their life could be better.

But this hope for a better life meant she was suddenly without a home, money, or even clothes. Maya and her children were safe from one threat, and facing countless others instead.

Maya had no family support, no job, and limited funds that were dwindling fast. Her resourcefulness was pushed to the brink.
Maya knew she needed a job to suport her young children. But jer backpack carried only minimal clothing, and she did not have the means to acquire anything beyond essentials for her young family. 

Maya simply didn't know where to turn for support.

Dress for Success is one of the main connections for women seeking support to rebuild their lives.
It was at a Styling session to get clothes for an interview that Maya started to open up about her hopes and dreams for her future.

“I loved the warm way the volunteer treated me during the styling session. They knew very little of my background, but enough to know that I needed gentle attention and persuasion to try something new.”

Maya left Dress for Success with clothing and accessories for an interview; but more than that, the Volunteer Stylists ahd helped her find her confidence again.

"I came back home knowing that I had clothes, and finally started seeing my former successful, confident self" she expressed.

This spark of empowerment encouraged Maya to sign up for workshops and 1:1 Career Support services, helping her nail her interview and secure a job. When she returned for another Styling service for a capsule wardrobe to see her through an entire week of work, the excitement in the showroom was electric.

Today Maya stands tall having gained employment and also commenced further education at university in women’s health. Her life has undergone a remarkable transformation since her first visit to Dress for Success. With a job she loves, offering flexibility to be with her family, she is passionate about paying it forward and helping other women needing support, just like she needed.

To share the gift of empowerment this festive season, buy a Pocket of Power and empower more women like Maya into independence.
^AIHW Specialist homelessness services annual report 2021–22 at https://www.aihw.gov.au/reports/homelessness-services/specialist-homelessness-services-annual-report/contents/clients-who-have-experienced-family-and-domestic-violence
* name and details changed to protect their privacy

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